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 Our Leisure Boat Lift customers will keep in mind, the Annual Maintenance and Inspection.
From the beginning to the end of the boating season, our team inspects and maintains each and every lift as requested.
Signing up for prepaid annual service will soon be reality.
Our service crew fuel up the work vehicles, inverters, pumps and outboard motors
to attempt a full day on the lake, 'weather permit.' With service requisitions in hand,
intended zones, on a certain area of the lakefront community, lend to shared travel time for each Leisure Boat Lift customer.
Wind, wave action and rain not to mention freezing temperatures,
will keep us at the shop with on-going fabrication of all Leisure Boat Lift components.


    If your lift seems to be moving up or down sporadically, it may be because
the inside rollers need to be lubricated.
If your lift wants to chatter as it goes
downwards, it needs to be deglazed inside and properly cleaned.
These 2 maintenance processes will solve most any problem related to your
Leisure Boat Lift. For lubrication, we use only safe PetroCanada brand 'food grade' grease.


Moving and Re-Establishing Lift

    Using work platform floatation, cable come-a-longs, a pry bar,
or just plain man-power; fine-tuning the position of the lift and moving it along the lake
is quick and easy in most scenarios.

Changing Lift Kits

    If you're purchasing a Leisure Boat Lift and you have a custom type boat -
Ski Tournament, Wake Board, Cross-Over, Patio, Sailboat, etc. - you have the option of choosing
a specialized lift kit, designed to safely hold and properly support each type
of vessel. Lift Kits can be switched over to older, standard hull Leisure Boat Lifts.
    We would like photos or a link from the internet for us to view and read specifications
of your change in boat, new or used. Existing owner or new owner of the Leisure Boat Lift.


Replacing Bunks and Carpet

    The bunks and carpeting on your leisure boat lift serve one purpose - sacrifice, to take
the damage of unfortunate events. They're meant to be replaced for wear and the safety of
your boat. They are easily made available from the warehouse or from the service barges.



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