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Changing Your Lift Kit

If you own a standard Leisure Boat Lift, but you're looking to purchase
a new boat, you may need to consider purchasing and having a lift kit installed.
A lift kit is an addition to your LBL which allows certain limitations to be exceeded.
For example, the large fins on the bottom of tournament boats will not work with
a standard LBL, so it is necessary to have a Tournament Kit installed. There are also
kits for PWCs (Personal Water Craft), sailboats, 'big boat' kits, and patio boats. Each kit comes with
it's own additional price and installation time.

Tournament Kit        



     PWC Kits

         Front Loader Model

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Side Load Model



           Patio Pontoon Boat, Rubber Zodiac Boat, Hobie Cat Boat,  Kits       



           Big Boat Guide Kit



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