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Replacing Boat Lifts
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Re-establishing Leisure Boat Lift

After many years of being battered by severe boating and ice, your Leisure Boat Lift
might've moved around a little bit. If it's not squared up with your dock, or if it
is leaning slightly or on an angle; a qualified service tech call can fix this. We use a combination
of pry bars, cables, come-alongs and man power, to adjust the lift to the appropriate angle and placement.


Leisure Boat Lift High Water Challenge Win


Moving The Lifter

If you're getting a new dock, or adding onto your old one; or just need
your lifter moved around or to another dock - we can do it. Using cables, our 2 barges,
ropes, come-alongs and man power; we can move the lift
despite it's seemingly permanent footprint in the lake bottom.


    There is always more, to maintaining "25 Plus," year old lifts.
'Triangulation' is one way of bring back 'like new' integrity. This involves applying 2 additional heavy turnbuckles to the bottom of the tower and the top of the X-base.
Along with this triangulation, we inspect the back tower pins and the front tower
pins for their integrity. In the case of the oldest lifts, retainer pins and bolts sometimes
become a replacement item.
Electrolysis is seldom an issue. Only a few bodies of fresh water possess the correct combination
of elements to inhibit molecular composition of materials.
Aluminum being the most vulnerable to its affect on the life and strength of the structures in all types of water. Be it salt water, brash or fresh.


 If an older Leisure Boat Lift has ever been through our in shop refurbish process, Current Production year (20xx) Brand New components are applied or fitted, fabricated and welded. Then sandblasted and 2 part epoxy coated.




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