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LBL Equipment and Install

The Leisure Boat Lift install team comes equipped with a wide range of tools needed
to complete the task at hand. Each installation starts in the morning and five hours or more
to complete, leaving your dock and lake front looking just as it was before - but now better, with
your new Leisure Boat Lift. Our tools and equipment help us to install the lift onto any
lake bottom and around any dock. With each trip, 2 or more employees,2 vehicle, 2 trailers
and outboard motors that we use for the install is prepared the day before, warehoused overnight.

 The equipment that will be used for the 2018 installation includes 2 fully equipped work barges with water pumps, generators,
underwater dive suits and equipment, full sets of cable ratchets and wrenches, electrical devices and components, and
much more. When we're on the dock, it's hard to find something we didn't come prepared for.




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