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  Leisure Boat Lift Installs

Installing Leisure Boat Lift usually starts with our arrival at mid morning and completes with your boat in place on the Lifter in the prescribed location, mid-afternoon.

  Most of the notables begin with preparation time, after 60 hours of fabrication, can take 4 to 8 hours of pulling stock and fork lifting components on the check list.

    Then we are ready to travel to an appropriate  boat launch with two trucks, two trailers, two loaded barges, and arrive mid morning on site at your dock.

        Assembly and setup go quickly and we are able to lift your boat manually in a couple of hours. Configuring bunk alignment and install Electric Drive is the  next next task.

            All done, we receive payment and return to a busy boat launch and traffic to make our way back to the warehouse and Fabrication shop to ready our equipment for the next day.

                Either side of being at your dock can total 4 to 8 hours of focus and complete attention to detail in order to get the job done, without interruption and all components in the queue.




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