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History Makes A Difference                         July 18 1985 July 9 2015



since 1985, our products have proved their capability and reliability. This unique design and appeal has revolutionized the boat lift market place.
Testing of every component shows this boat lift to be more versatile and complete over any other type of boat lift. Leisure Boat Lift was created out of the necessity to protect the major investment of a boat.
 Boats are becoming more and more valuable and expensive with each season, especially with the rising popularity of tournament ski boats.
 Lake front property should be enjoyed with peace of mind and very little maintenance.
We have a lifter that is not only strong and appealing in design, but very simple and subtle. It offers many built in features demanded in today's market place.

 Note worthy, Leisure Boat Lift has been copied (without license) in Ontario since 2001. Note, "has been."


LBL Piling Dock.

LBL unscathed.... Dock end blown away.

LBL untouched. Seahorses go with the flow.






    Leisure Boat Lift is manufactured in Vernon, B.C., by DNR Specialty Welding Ltd.

We do business with 17 reputable suppliers and venders. 

Our company has no other Sales Persons and there is no middle man.

A bold statement in our 31 years of fending for ourselves.


    Leisure Boat Lift is free standing & self-supporting in the lake bottom for us in fresh water. It is perfect for every day use (drive on, drive off, any time.) No need to tie up / anchor the boat. Hoist it up day or night, spring or fall. Winter storage is perfectly fine with Leisure Boat Lifts, providing you winterize your boat. Leisure Boat Lift is similar to a fork lift and does not attach to your dock for support.

    Its carpeted bunks align under the boat and catch it, creating a 'holster' effect. The lift height gives you safe storage no matter how much normal lake levels rise or fall. Driving onto the lift is easier than navigating onto your boat trailer, without getting wet! The lift mechanism is a chain hoist. Turning the 29" crank wheel is quite easy, at less than 20 ft. lbs. of rolling torque. This means that anyone can help you lift your boat to safety.
    24 revolutions of the crank wheel equals 12" of lift height. You can make 48 turns in 1 minute if necessary. 20 turns will have your boat safe and secure. Take time to lift the stern drive of the boat, clear of the lake surface. LBL is great for cleaning and maintaining your boat conveniently next to your dock.

    Maintaining your boat at deck height is a pleasure. You won't be interrupted by waves or low lake level access when sprucing up the cutty or helm. LBL will stand the test of time. We use the finest materials and hardware to make sure your boat is always ready to go and always safe for many years out on the lake.


 Many of our Leisure Boat Lifts are over 25 years old. Some of these lifters have been asked to
hoist a new boat. They start to lose their visual appeal against a shiny brand new hull. However, at the shop
we can repair, upgrade and refurbish any LBL part that we think needs a little tuning up.

    Not all Leisure Boat Lifts produced were manufactured to lift 2016 Wake Setters, 2016 X-Stars or 2016 27 foot luxury vessels.
        Call us for Model year details, considering no current model year purchases.


AGE: Tractor 62 yrs. Leisure Boat Lift 31 yrs. Boat and Motor 39 yrs.


Full size boat & Leisure Boat Lift on display in 1986





Blasts From The Past.

    Surround yourself with good people and ideas. Quote: "You are what History says you are."


      Other builders describing their passion for lifting boats clear of the water surface.

         Trying their hand at it for many years.


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