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What is the weight capacity of the Leisure Boat Lift? We limit our capacity to Dry Weight Pounds of 5000 Lbs,( 2250 Kgs.) Listed dry weight of the boat manufacturer. LBL can lift thousands of Lbs. or Kgs..  Added liquids and fluid, day trip gear and accessories are considered in the load capacity, over and above Dry Weight.

How soon can I get my Leisure Boat Lift? If you order before January, you be able to use your new lift before June 21 in most cases.

If I order a Leisure Boat Lift, why pay $1500.00 in deposit? Deposits are recorded by date received and role call the install dates and prioritize the purchasers request to install in a certain time frame.

What do I need to do about getting my boat lifted beside the dock in my preferred location, ready for when I get there on my scheduled time at my lake front? We stay in contact with you, your boat dealer and/or anyone qualified and responsible while coordinating the completion of your dock and/or slip, summerization, preseason launch of your boat and weather conditions. You must arrange payment in full in every regard, only once your boat is secure and lifted in the location pre-described.

What is the guarantee? We make sure your LBL is without fail for 5 years, concerning fabrication and metal strength. Under our guide lines there is no question to long lasting performance.

And the install? Guaranteed to be 100 % established for 365 days under normal all season conditions.

What if I change my mind? For any reason, you can have your deposit back on the same day you request it. It must be mailed Canada post. Interact E - transfers are for personal use only.

How much are they? Below is a snap shot of pricing.

Pricing Includes The Taxes - (we submit taxes of GST and PST)

Standard LBL Manual Leisure Boat Lift $9,200.00
Electric Drive LBL Electric Motor-Powered LBL $11,335.00
"Deep "and or "Muddy" Application Lift Kit for sites up to 20 ft. depths $15,500.00
Electric Drive Conversion Manual to Motor $2,275.00
Tournament Kit Lift Kit for Tournament boats $1075.00
Big Boat Kit Guide Kit for wide, flat boats $950.00
Personal Water Craft Kit Kit for 2 PWCs $2,550.00

2017 Prices

Standard LBL Manual Leisure Boat Lift $9,200.00
Electric Drive LBL +Electric Motor-Powered LBL $11,335.00
Big boat guide kit +Electric Motor-Powered LBL $12,500.00
Tournament Style Kit +Electric Motor-Powered LBL $12,635.00
Deep Water Muddy Bottom +Electric Motor-Powered LBL $15,500.00
Big Boat Kit Guide Kit for wide, flat boats $950.00
Tournament Kit Lift Kit for Tournament boats $1,075.00

Delivery charges will be added to new Kit conversions, away from our shop in  Vernon BC.

How much do you charge for Service? Charge for service is $125.00 per hour minimum with full crew and equipment.

How much is travel time? Charge for travel time is $125.00 per hour with full crew and equipment.

What if my neighbours get service in the same day? The charge per hour on travel time is divided between each service requisition that day.

What if it rains?       

We fabricate Leisure Boat Lift, "non stop at the shop."

Phone calls, email and re-scheduling, when we cannot do the Outdoor work in rain, wind, wave action. Did we mention rain?

                                                                                                                                                                Safety first, thank you.

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