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                                   Leisure Boat Lift Recommendations

Required notice of all 'Work Done' on local lakes.
Process for approval required by the lake front owner.
Private Moorage ( Website )
Water Act Section 9 ( Website )

 Spring 2013
Bookings for early Summer are delayed 3 to 6 weeks.

Phone for the Okanagan 250-558-1700 notification and approval  request notification forms.


                                    Leisure Boat Lift Recommends Service Requisitions

Call for service if you are lifting a different boat that certainly will need a
reconfiguration according to length, width and ribs on the bottom of the boat. When
lowering the Leisure Boat Lift, never completely float the boat.  Always leave some
of the weight of the boat in the carpeted bunks. Backing away from the Leisure Boat
 Lift, in reverse gear, use up to 3000 RPM.  Safely steer the stern away from the dock.
 Returning to the lift steer the boat between the bunks and power the boat gently onto
 the bunks and up to the leg stop.  Powering back onto the lift is slightly easier, as the
 propeller is more effective in forward gear. Lowering the boat to the appropriate
depth is that key to the ease of operation.  Visual marks are provided to help establish
 the optimum settings for driving on and off the lift. Never allow passengers in
 the bow while bringing the boat on the Lifter.

            Photo taken in 1986 Brand Spanking New Leisure Boat Lifttm  1986 circa.

With concern of high winds and rough water conditions, have the lift bed slightly higher
 for leaving, under more power in reverse gear. This slightly higher bed and bunk setting
will aid coming back onto the bed system. It will keep the boat rested from going
 into the deep swell of the waves and held much tighter while powering onto the bunks
 as they form a holstering effect. Leisure Boat Lift is very forgiving in the lateral movement.
 Give and take with the waves assures no damage to structural strength of the boat.

     Photo on Nov 11 2011 Refurbished Leisure Boat Lifttm 1985 circa.


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