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Shop Workload Set Jonathan Reich Fabrication Welding Draw Plates Towers in Production
Warehousing Spray Booth Fab Shop Jon Reich Welding
Hydraulic Positioning Leanne Reich Spray Booth 1 Overhead Weld Track Weld
New Booth Doors Jon Reich Welding Leanne Reich Cutting Room Warehouse
Warehouse2 Warehouse3 Warehouse4 Warehouse5
Research & Development 1 Research & Development 2 Research & Development 3 Turning Jig
Research & Development 4 Fit & Fab Prep & Grind Electric Drive Reversing Relay
Leanne Reich Electrical Tech Dept. Leanne Reich Lathe Corner Shop Randy, Sand Blast & Preparation
Sandblast You Tube Video Link
Sandblast for 2 coats Epoxy Sandblasted  Epoxy Ready

Randy Hot Heavy Work
Sandblast You Tube Video Link

Jonathan Reich Fabricating
ISO Weld Standard "J" Groove Weld Quality Control Research & Development 2013
Machine Rollers and Pins Solid Steel Carriages Quality Control

Steel Shipment

Adding to the 'Install and Service' fleet.




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